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Falana is ‘Rising’ on new project

Last Updated: 10 minutes Ago
  • Falana is one of Nigeria’s most talented artists. She has a distinctively powerful voice and carries an Afro-Caribbean hairstyle for unique identifiers. She is beautiful, dark-skinned and talented. Her voice is sultry, yet fiery: like it could cut through a willing and giddy human being with the exactitude of painful death while an audience applauds her.
  • In 2019, she released her critically-acclaimed debut EP, Chapter One and got a Headies nomination for her efforts. Her music is a product of different influences. As a millennial Nigerian bred in Canada and nurtured by Cuba, Falana’s music has deep roots in black culture; contemporary and classic.
  • She also wields her vocals as an emblematic strength, which she tweaks to reflect the emotions behind topics on her songs.
  • Rising is her sophomore EP. A 7-track project, it was released on October 15, 2021. It also feels like a sequel to her aptly titled debut, ‘Chapter One.’ As she grows as an artist, with fame, purpose and acclaim, it’s only fair that her sophomore effort carries a tag like ‘Rising.’
  • This time, Falana does away with abstract topics, metaphoric deliveries and symbolism. Instead, she addresses topics with clarity. She also dabbles in more pop-esque music, by way of Synth and Afro.
  • Rising’ isn’t a cohesive concept album with a central theme, canvassed by different songs. Instead, the EP feels like an anthology of different stories, themes and life points. To some listeners, it might feel like a diary session.
  • Only the gratitude-filled Afro-pop record ‘Joy’ and ‘Wishing On A Star,’ which sees Falana yearn for lost love, affected by a breakup feel personal. It feels like Falana created other records around things that she witnessed as a spectator. Regardless, each topic is ‘grown,’ while not discussing love with explicit language.
  • ‘Paper Planes’ is an Afro-Fusion record, built around declarations of undying love. ‘Energy’ is a one-sided perspective about the reception of love without shackles, built on Synth Pop. With the amazing harmonization which forms its post-chorus, ‘Cassanova’ is similar to ‘Energy’ in its one-sided chronicle of love. The love feels great momentarily, but the guy might be a player.
  • Sweet Adetola’ is an empirical story delivered in third person. It documents the life of a beautiful Nigerian girl with dreams, while struggling to balance morals and need for finances in a big city.
  • She enjoys the attention and loves the good life, compliments and attention. But beneath it all, she’s afraid while harboring the ‘Nigerian dream’ of Japa.
  • Behind each song lies three elements; guitar chords, which reflect her background in Alternative music and Africanism: by way of her percussion, her enunciation, her backing vocals or her delivery, and impeccable, expressive and detail-oriented songwriting, as is peculiar to Falana.
  • The EP is perfect but for two things; ‘Sweet Adetola’ is a few seconds longer than necessary and ‘Joy’ should have been the final track.
  • In the end, it feels nice to see Falana experiment with proper lamba.

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How Nollywood roles influenced Yul Edochie’s reality




Following the recent scandals in the entertainment circles of Nigeria, it may be safe to say that many of the movies produced in Nigeria are perhaps the real lives of the movie producers.

This assumption now appears a bit factual considering the current happenings in the family of leading Nollywood actor, director and writer, Yul Edochie.

The actor recently made public his decision to take a second wife who also happened to be one of his colleagues in the movie industry.

His decision which has so far generated backlashes on social media is one pointer to how moviemakers turn their real lives into movie scripts or turn their scripts into real-life experiences.

There is a wise saying that movies can affect society in both positive and negative ways and that man cannot act in isolation.

Films also expand one’s basic knowledge of the world around them and can create violence, bad habits or good habits and can send a bad or good message to the public.

Now, the question is, what message has Yul Edochie sent out to the public? This may be rhetorical but insightful.

Edochie has played various movie roles in which he is entangled between two or more women. In most cases, he marries a beautiful wife and gets involved with another outside his home.

Edochie and his new wife, Judy may have taken their movie roles more seriously than anyone could have imagined, having moved their on-set romance to real life.

We have seen movies where Edochie and Judy acted as a couple in a love triangle.

For instance in the movies ‘My marriage fears, The native girl, Edochie played the character of a city man who married a woman brought to him from the village by his mother, interestingly, the village wife’s character was played by Judy.

There is an unwritten rule that actresses and actors cannot be judged by the roles they play in movies, especially when their characters are flat, static or pure evil.

For instance, seeing movie veteran, Kanayo O. Kanayo at Obi Cubana’s mother’s burial raining Naira notes and throwing wads of dollars in the air will immediately drag one’s attention to his numerous ritualist adventures in front of the cameras in a movie.

Back to Yul and his marriage scandal, there are now questions whether his decision was with the consent of his wife, May. Did May approve the decision of Edochie to take a second wife? Did his family support his decision? And most importantly, whether Yul was influenced by his acting roles or was this a mere coincidence?

Concerning questions about his first wife consenting to his taking a second wife, Yul’s brother, Uche Edochie had taken to Instagram to reveal that May did not agree to a polygamous home and that the best the family can do is to console her at the moment.

May had confirmed Uche’s revelation with a cryptic message she dropped on social media pronouncing God’s judgement on Edochie and his second wife.

Yul’s brother also disclosed that his family was against the decision of taking a second wife but the actor went ahead with his decision.

Despite the opinions of Nigerians, Edochie hailed himself for taking responsibility for his actions and stepping up, unlike other men who are hypocrites.

There are indications from Judy’s page that the affair between the two may have started when they worked together on movies he directed and acted in as far back as October 2021. On her page, she has videos celebrating Pete Edochie and also Yul.

Since logic is a way to come to conclusions and morality a way to evaluate actions as good or evil, let us evaluate the views of some Nigerians on this trending issue:

Veteran comedian, Ali Baba speaking on TVC on Thursday on the matter said in Africa polygamy is acceptable, therefore Edochie’s action is difficult to judge.

He said although it is difficult to accept a second wife, it is our reality and people will have to learn to deal with it.

He said, “The African setting is polygamous but we embraced the western setting. Polygamy is not wrong in an African setting. Would you have preferred Edochie to have the lady as a baby mama than a second wife? We don’t know his relationship with his wife, her response to his post speaks a lot of volumes about their relationship.

Some women back in the day would allow their husbands to get a second wife to fulfil his needs if she cannot satisfy him. Things like this happen but it is the family and orientation. If it is a Muslim family it wouldn’t be a problem.

“No matter what, even in a Muslim home the second wife will not accept a third wife. It is difficult to accept a second wife but this is the reality and we have to deal with it.”

Mr Chukwudi, a marriage counsellor from Imo State posited that Edochie and Judy have acted in various movies including Igbo movies as a couple and it is sad to see this coming to reality.

Edochie had always praised his wife for how loving she had been and supportive so this is a betrayal to her and a fault on his part, Chukwudi told Estherblog.

According to him, “Edochie did wrong to his wife because from the second wife’s social media page you can see that they both have been working together and that means having an affair from 2021.

“Legally, it is wrong to marry another woman without the consent of the first wife, Biblically as a Christian, it is not acceptable but traditionally in some places in Igbo land you must pay the bride price before you can have access to your child. This may have been one of the reasons Yul Edochie went ahead to marry her.

But paying bride price of a second wife traditionally must be done with the first wife’s consent and publicly not how Edochie did his.”

With trending videos of scenes from movies Edochie acted with Judy Austin, Nigerians have come to the conclusion that the time spent on scenes may have influenced the actor’s choice of getting a second wife.

Estherblog spoke to a mother of four, Mrs Ekanem who posited that Edochie’s action may have hindered other married women in future from achieving their dreams of being actresses.

This Edochie’s story shows that sometimes all that happens in movies happens in real life. He has made things difficult for married women who want to be actresses as their husbands will find it difficult to trust them in love scenes.

“No matter what his wife did, it is wrong for him to marry a second wife unless he wants to convert to Islam. It is really wrong because this seems like a case of him cheating and the lady falling pregnant which forced him to get married.

This should serve as a lesson to young men out there who feel cheating is a normal thing, they should know that their homes will never be peaceful once they start cheating and this will affect the children in the long run.”

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