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9Mobile Data Plans, USSD Codes

Last Updated: 10 minutes Ago
  • In this post, we highlight all 9Mobile data plans & USSD subscription codes, 9Mobile guides & hacks. 9mobile was formally known as Etisalat in Nigeria and it is one of the best mobile networks and internet service providers in Nigeria.
  • We’ll be looking at all 9mobile data plans available in Nigeria. Whether you’re looking for daily, weekly, or monthly plans, this page will provide all the information you need to start enjoying 9mobile’s fast Internet
  • Below we list some of the most used 9Mobile plans along with their price and USSD subscription codes to buy the bundles on your phone.
  • The most affordable and used 9Mobile daily data plan is the ₦300 for 1GB plan – *229*3*3#
  • For the 9mobile weekly data plan, the ₦1,500 for 7GB weekly plan is the best – *229*2*2#
  • 9Mobile weekend and night value data plan 7GB for ₦2000, 30 days – *229*3*13#
  • The 9Mobile best monthly data plan gives you 4.5GB for ₦2000 – *229*2*8#

Best 9mobile daily data plan and USSD Subscription Codes

  • 9Mobile offers daily data plans for lightweight data users at very affordable prices, these plans include:
  • The 25MB data plan for 50 Naira only valid for 24 hours, subscription code is *229*3*8#.
  • 100 MB Data Cap Last 24 Hours Dial *229*3*1# or send MI1 to 229 to Activate. At N100 Price.
  • 650 MB Data Cap Last 24Hours Dial *229*3*2# to Activate. At N200 price
  • 1GB Data Cap Last 24Hours Dial *229*3*3# to Activate. At N300 price.
  • 2GB + Social Data Plan for 7-Days, Dial *229*3*4# to Activate. At N500 Price

Best 9mobile weekly data plan and USSD Subscription Codes

  • The 9Mobile weekly plan is another option for you depending on your data need. The plan is valid for 7 days.
  • 250 MB Data Cap Last for 7-Days (A week) Dial *229*2*10# or send LCD to 229 to Activate. At N200 Price
  • 1GB + Social Data Plan for 7-days, Dial *229*2*1# to Activate. At N500 Price

Best 9mobile Monthly data plan and USSD Subscription Codes

  • The 9Mobile monthly data plan is valid for 30 days and there are many options to choose from depending on your browsing needs. checkout the best 9mbile monthly data plans to subscribe to now.
  • 500 MB data cap Lasts for 30 days (1 Month). To activate dial *229*2*12#
  • 1.5 GB Data for N1000 Last for 30 days (1 Month). To Activate dial *229*2*7#
  • 2GB Data for N1,200 Last for 30 days (1 Month). To Activate dial *229*2*25#
  • 3 GB Data for N1,500 lasts for 30 days (1 Month). To Activate dial *229*2*3#
  • 4.5 GB Data for N2000 Last for 30 days (1 Month). To Activate dial *229*2*8#
  • 11 GB Data for N4000 Last for 30 days (1 Month). To Activate dial *228*2*36#.
  • 15 GB Data for N5000 Last for 30 days (1 Month). To Activate dial *229*2*37#.
  • 40 GB Data for N10,000 Last for 30 days (1 month). To Activate dial *229*4*1#
  • 75 GB Data for N15,000 Last for 30 days (1 month). To Activate dial *229*2*4#

9mobile Unlimited Data Plan

  • 9mobile does not have an unlimited data plan but they offer a 90-day plan of 30GB for 27,500 Naira, the subscription code is *229*5*1# and a 4-month plan of 60GB at 55,000 Naira, the code for subscribing is *229*5*2#.
  • They also offer a 100GB data plan for 65,000 Naira valid for one month, the code is  *229*4*5#. The largest data plan offered by 9mobile is the 1-year plan for 120GB costing 110,000 Naira, the subscription code is *229*5*3#.

How To Check 9Mobile Data Balance

  • How can I check my data balance on 9Mobile using my phone? To check data balance on 9mobile, dial *228# on your mobile device. You should receive a message that shows your data balance, your bonus data and any offers that they might want to advertise to you. You could also send BAL to 228.

9Mobile Night/Weekend plans – Codes for data on 9mobile

  • 1GB – 1 Night Plan – N200 – Code – *229*3*11#
  • 2GB – 30 Nights Plan – N1000 – Code – *229*3*12#
  • 5GB – 30 Nights Plan – N2000 – Code – *229*3*13#

9mobile Internet Settings configurations

  • Most phones get automatic browsing settings once a SIM card is inserted in them if you have issues with browsing configuration settings on 9mobile, you can simply text “SETTINGS” to 790, the configuration settings will then be sent to you, save it, and activate as default settings and you’re good to go.
  • You can also use manual settings if the automatic way does not work for you. Go to Access Point settings on your phone and input this information.
  • Manual:
  • Account Name: 9mobile internet
  • Username:
  • Password:
  • Access Point Name (APN): 9mobile
  • Home Page:
  • IP Address:

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