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Fidelity Bank USSD Codes

Last Updated: 10 minutes Ago

Fidelity Bank USSD transfer codes to dial on your phone for easy bank money transactions, recharging airtime, checking subject account balance, checking subject account number.

In this post, you will find all the USSD codes needed to perform transactions and a lot more from your phone with the use of Fidelity mobile banking.

What is the transfer code for Fidelity bank? The Fidelity bank code for the transfer of money is *770#.

The transfer USSD code is *770#. With the transfer of the USSD code, you can transfer money from your fidelity bank account to both Fidelity account holders as well as other bank account holders

Fund Transfer to Fidelity Bank:*770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#
Fund Transfer to Other Banks:*770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#
Account Opening:*770*01#
Account Balance Enquiry:*770*0#
Airtime Recharge:*770*AMOUNT#
Check BVN Number:*565*0#

Fidelity Bank Code for Transfer of Money

Transfer money securely from your Fidelity Bank account to any Nigerian bank – Save yourself the stress and time it takes to go to the bank every time you need to transfer funds for personal or business purposes. Transfer funds using *770# Instant Banking anywhere, anytime, and to any bank in Nigeria, instantly! No story, No delay.

To transfer funds, dial *770*ACCOUNT*AMOUNT#. Example From your phone, dial *770*5050123456*10000# to transfer ₦10,000. Follow the on-screen prompts and complete your transfer with your PIN or password.

How to Check your Fidelity Bank Account Number

Check your Fidelity bank account number from your phone – Dial *770*0# on the sim card linked to your fidelity bank account. This is actually the code to check your account balance. But when your account balance is sent right to you as a message, it will contain your account number.

How to Check Fidelity Bank Account Balance

How to check your Fidelity Bank balance using *770# on your phone – To know how much you have left in your account, just dial *770*0# and follow the on-screen prompts.

To check your account balance, dial *770*0# with the phone number you used in opening your Fidelity Bank account. Enter your Instant Banking PIN or the last 4 digits on your ATM card afterwards. Entering your PIN is to confirm your transactions.

Fidelity Bank loan

The Fidelity Bank Payday Loan is a short term loan designed to meet the immediate need of a salary earner whose account is domiciled with Fidelity Bank.

When you need some extra cash from the bank and then to pay for an emergency need, school fees or a car purchase amongst others.

Fidelity Bank got you covered, you can talk to them today about Fidelity FastLoans or Dial the Fidelity fast Loan code *770*08# to access their digital Fast loans.

How to Open Fidelity Bank Account Online

How to open Fidelity Bank Personal account online simple steps

  • Visit fidelity bank portal via:
  • Click on either current account of saving
  • Fill in your BVN to verify and information details
  • Upload your signature and passport
  • Submit to get your account number

Fidelity Bank USSD code for airtime

Recharge Airtime via USSD Codes:

TransactionUSSD Codes
For Self-RechargeDial *770*AMOUNT# Example: From your phone, dial *770*500# to recharge ₦500 on your phone.
To recharge another phone Dial *770*PHONE NUMBER*AMOUNT# Example: From your phone, dial *770*0812345679*500# to recharge ₦500 on another phone

If you want to buy Airtime for yourself, dial this Fidelity Bank USSD code: *770*Amount To Buy#.

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